The United Arab Emirates Customer Ordered the Ceramic Fiber Blanket 5000 PCS From Tenglong China Thanks For Customer Order

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طلب العميل في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة  بطانية ألياف السيراميك  5000 PCS من Tenglong الصين شكرا لأمر العميل



Ceramic Fiber Blanket of raw material is melted by high-temperature melting or twisted into a fiber, and is formed by a double-sided needle punching process without any binder, and has heat such as white color and regular size.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket has low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent chemical stability, excellent thermal stability, and shock resistance, excellent tensile strength and excellent sound absorption. Ceramic Fiber Blanket is an excellent material in thermal insulation refractories.


Size: 12.5MMX610MMX7600MM128KG/M3


 50MMX500MMX1000MM, 260KG/M3


We also have Ceramic Fiber Paper, Ceramic Fiber Board and Ceramic Fiber Module.      

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