The Vietnam Customer Ordered the Heat Treated Fiberglass Tape 6000 ROLLS From Tenglong China Thanks For Customer Order

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Khách hàng Việt Nam đặt hang  Băng sợi thủy tinh được xử lý nhiệt 6000 ROLLS từ Tenglong Trung Quốc Cảm ơn đơn đặt hàng của khách hàng



The description of Heat Treated Fiberglass Tape:

1. Made of continuous C glass or E glass filament texturized yarns.

2. They demonstrate a better insulating properties and greater fullness.

3. Insulating properties depend upon conductivity and radiation and these are influenced by the fabric construction.

4. It is the ideal substitute of the asbestos cloth. It can also resist 450°C-550°C


The applications of Heat Treated Fiberglass Tape:  

1. All types of thermal insulation and heat protection

2. Welding blankets and fire curtains

3. Expansion joints


Size: 3MMX50MMX28M


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