Tenglong Sealing Specializes In Producing High Quality Of O Ring

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FEP-encapsulated O rings have a resilient core of silicone (VMQ) elastomer completely covered with a bleedline-free sheath of FEP fluoropolymer.

They are fully interchangeable with standard elastomeric 'O' rings and solid PTFE 'O' rings

O Ring has many advantages:

• Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of fluid media.

• High level of hygiene for use with foodstuffs and edible oils.

• Far better elasticity and seal ability than solid PTFE rings.

• High vacuum rated to 1 x10-8 Torr

• Temperature rated to 200ºC maximum

• Symmetric O-rings

Other O ring material and size available on request


O ring technical datas:

T741018Foot valve “o” ringID.: 78.40MM * Section 5.30MM

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