What is the Graphite Gland Packing?

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Graphite gland packing is mainly made of various reinforcing fibers, metal wires (steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire, carbon fiber, pre-oxygen wire, glass yarn) and other enhanced graphite wires. Suitable for dynamic sealing under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

In addition to a few strong oxidants, Graphite gland packing can be used to seal hot water, superheated steam, heat transfer fluids, ammonia solution, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids and other media.

Graphite gland packing mainly used in high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistant media valves, pumps, reactions The seal of the kettle. It is also a unique universal seal packing.

Graphite gland packing, there are many categories, such as Pure Graphite Braided Gland PackingPure Graphite Braided Packing With InconelPure Flexible Graphite Gland Packing and Expanded Graphite Gland Packing.


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