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Basalt fabric is made from continuous basalt roving or yarn, these fabrics are manufactured to different thickness, weight, weave pattern, width and weaving technique according to end-use requirements, which are widely used for structural, electro technical, general and specialized purposes for automobiles, aircraft, ships and household applications. Also, it can be used for producing soft and rigid roofing, printed circuit boards for electronics, fire feltings for suppression of extremely complex fires resulting from ignition if highly inflammable liquids, in particular gasoline, reinforcing cables, repairing the interior and exterior of tubes and pilelines. etc.


Basalt Fiber Tape is woven by basalt fibers (spun and assembled by an igneous rock with origins to molten lava). These tapes take advantage of the strength, flexibility, and excellent thermal properties inherent to Basalt fibers for uses in various insulationand high temperature applications.


This rope uses basalt fiber to be braided with diameter form 3mm to 30mm. Then length of each roll is 200m. Because of basalt fiber has properties of resist to heat, acid and alkali, it can be used as sealed and reinforced material under 800C certigrade and chemical environment.