Popular Product Tenglong Rubber Door Seals

Popular Product Tenglong Rubber Door Seals

Container Rubber Door Seals Description:

1. Can maintain its original high sealing performance under high and low temperature.

2. Ozone and waterproof performance.

3. Excellent weather resistant  and water resistant.

4. Good elastic and Anti-aging.

5. Non-toxic, safty and healty.

6. Dust-resistant and oil-resistance ,will never deformation.

7. To meet your specifications and improve your product performance. 

Container Rubber Door Seals Application:

1. Dry cargo container door gasket.

2. Reefer container door frame.

3. Gasket.

4. Products are widely used by many container manufacturers and owners.

5. Electrical Connector Seals

6. Industrial Louvers and HVAC Equipment

7. Automotive Electrical Enclosure Weather Seal

8. Industrial And Commercial Food Oven And Cart Seals And Gaskets

9. Washers And Seals For Electronics And Electrical Equipment

10. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures

11. Outdoor Cellular Telecommunications Enclosures

12. Water Purification and Filtration Seals

13. Fiberoptic Sheathes

14. Silos and Storage Tank Seals

15. Medical Equipment Seals

16. Aerospace and Military Seals And Gaskets

17. Dairy Seals

18. Peristaltic Tubing

19. Plastic Case Seals

Container Rubber Door Seals Design:

We have own tooling design and making department, we can do any range as your requirment.