Footvalve Valve Vacuum O Rings

Footvalve Valve Vacuum O Rings

Vacuum O Rings Description:

1. Sunpass FEPencapsulated ‘O’ rings have a resilient core of silicone (VMQ) elastomer completely covered with a bleedline-free sheath of FEP fluoropolymer.

2. They are fully interchangeable with standard elastomeric ‘O’ rings and solid PTFE ‘O’ rings


Vacuum O Rings Advantages:

1. Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of fluid media.

2. High level of hygiene for use with foodstuffs and edible oils.

3. Far better elasticity and seal ability than solid PTFE rings.

4. High vacuum rated to 1 x10-8 Torr.

5. Temperature rated to 200ºC maximum.

6. Symmetric O-rings.

7. Other ‘O’ ring material and size available on request.


Vacuum O Rings Size and Code:

1. TENGLONG CODE FO00001:  ID.: 66.05MM * Section 5.33MM

2. TENGLONG CODE FO00002:  ID.: 78.74MM * Section 5.33MM

3. TENGLONG CODE FO00003:  ID.: 78.40MM * Section 5.30MM

4. TENGLONG CODE FO00004:  ID.: 65.50MM * Section 5.70MM

5. TENGLONG CODE FO00005:  ID.: 31.34MM * Section 5.33MM