ISO Tank Safety Valve pressure Burst Diaphragm Rupture Disc

ISO Tank Safety Valve pressure Burst Diaphragm Rupture Disc

Burst Disc Description:

SUNPASS Burst Disk consists of bursting disc, clamper and other parts.It has been developed for the protection of intermodal tank containers from overpressure during storage and transportation of liquefied gases.The rupture disk can be used to isolate the relief valve and prevents leakage through the valve.  


Burst Disc Application:

(1)A place where the disc of a safety valve is easy to stick or block the safety valve.
(2)A place of pressure relief in time when the pressure in the container rises suddenly.
(3)Places requiring full discharge or unimpeded discharge
(4)Other places not suitable for safety valves but for bursting discs

Burst Disc Advantage:

It safety device has the advantages of simple structure, sensitivity, accuracy, no leakage, strong discharge capacity, etc.   


Burst Disc Technical Datas:

SizeBurst PressureMaterialTemperature Rate
        In         MmBargPslg°F°C
BD020484Liquid Tank Container253.34.8470.3Nickel2068
BD030485Liquid Tank Container3804.8470.3Nickel2068
BD033026Gas Tank Container38030.26439.8SS 31655131
BD100600Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Tank Container102506.0087.2SS 3172068


Burst tolerance ±5% of stamped burst pressure
Consult BS&B for other materials and pressure ratings